Brandon Aaron Live Tweet Q&A!

Brandon Aaron Live Tweet Q&A!

Hey all of you #BrandonAtors out there! Get Your Questions ready for Brandon Aaron (@iamBrandonaaron) as he answers all your questions tonight in a live Q&A session on Twitter! If there is just something you’re DIENG to ask the heart throbbing teen this is your chance! I already know what I’m asking *COUGH COUGH* Will You Go Out Wit Me? *COUGH WHAT? HUH? Pffft I didn’t say that.


Brandon Aaron done with the Long Distance Love?

photo (7)So, today we with the infamous upcoming Heart throbbing…(ok let me just get to the point -sigh-) What Artist/Disney Actor Brandon Aaron and his mysterious lover (We forgot her name) had may now be Terminated! I know–I know, A lot of people may be saddened by this, but look on the bright side!!…He’s single!!!!!….(what am I saying?! I still wouldn’t have a chance with someone like Brandon Aaron.) The Mysterious lover was rumored, living in the UK according to her Twitter profile. This is a rumor that is spreading all around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a few Tumblr post that described Brandon Aaron’s S P L I T. We tried getting in direct contact with Brandon Aaron to confirm if this story was true, but our call did not go through. According to Brandon’s tweets it does not look like he’s mentioned the lover in any of his tweets! We got a couple of photos of the swag prince going for a little snack at Fat Burger 2 days ago of 7450 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood with him wearing a “Distance $uck$” t-shirt andBalmain Drop crotch pants. We think his trying to tell us something with his fashion statement from 2 nights ago…although, that’s just our opinion. (I’m not swag enough to know what young kids fashion sense are now and days.) There was also a some what recent tweet from a fan questioning the young couple’s relationship!

Who thinks this rumor is true or false? Comment Below! We’ll be following up the post with the pictures once we get them in! xoxo

Beauty and the BEAST

Beauty and the BEAST

December 18th of the @JustinBieber’s ‘BELIEVE’ Premie Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner both showed their disagreements with Fashion Sense. Kylie (Looking embarrassed out of her life) and Jaden Smith denied that they were dating, but she did tell MTV news that she wanted him to be her prom date of 2014. Whether the son of Actor Will Smith lost a bet with someone or if this was a prank or…..(Please don’t make me say it) ARGH! Fine… MAYBE THE KID IS ON DRUGS! or or or he just has a horrible sense in fashion. Who knows? Teen icon maybe setting his own unique trend. We’ll see what he decides to pull off at the NEXT event.

Nic Neufeld:More Than A Crush Premiere

Nic Neufeld:More Than A Crush Premiere

Brandon Aaron and Nic Neufeld stepped onto the carpet with seems like to be a fan at Universal City-Walk in LA for Nic’s new song “More Than A Crush. The cute pop singer is a rapidly rising upcoming star who has much to give next year. 16 Year old upcoming star rapper/actor Brandon was supposedly heard stating, “He would love to a song with Nic some day.” There’s so much going on through my head knowing there are young teen idols out there and the fashion for their age is just pretty d**n awesome! *cough* those pants *cough* (Besides Heart throbbing Bieber)This photo was taken July 16th, 2013.